About Greenlawn Cemetery

about greenlawn cemetery warners new york

Greenlawn Cemetery Warners NY

Greenlawn Cemetery has been serving New York families since its incorporation in 1899. We are located in Warners in Onondaga County. We are easily accessible from Syracuse, New York via NY 173. Our cemetery is less than 10 miles from Syracuse.

We Are Here for New York Families in Need

Greenlawn Cemetery has been serving the communities of Warners, Camillus, and Syracuse for over one hundred years. We are owned independently and are non-denominational. We welcome any and all faiths or beliefs to our tranquil burial grounds. We also can assist you with memorials. Our experienced and empathetic staff is honored to guide you through the burial process, assist you with decisions that you must make, and explain the services that we offer.

One reason to choose Greenlawn Cemetery is that we offer pre-planning services. Many families realize that when a member passes away, it will be a burden to those left behind if no provisions have been made for their burial. This includes decisions, such as the preferred type of burial. Did your loved one want a traditional burial, cremation services, or would they prefer mausoleums? These are difficult decisions to make when someone has just passed away. This is the advantage of pre-planning.

If you pre-plan, you can determine the type of burial your family member or friend prefers while they are there to tell you. In this way, you can be sure that their wishes are met. Our staff has experience in helping people prepare for future burial needs in our cemetery. We can explain all that it entails, and help you create a plan that fits your budget.

Feel free to contact us. We would be pleased to take you around our well-maintained grounds and introduce you to the tranquil setting that could become your final resting place. If you wish to come on your own or visit a loved one, we are open from sunrise to sunset.